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Yantras (planetary symbols) may be used to propitiate the negative effects of certain planets in the horoscope. There are two types of yantras - geometric and mathematical.

Geometric yantras are specific designs that are reproduced on paper or on copper. These designs often contain a geometric design and other inscriptions. They are used as a "short cut" opening to various interdimensional planes of light associated with various deities. Geometric yantras for the deities corresponding to the planets can be used for balancing planetary influences as well as yantras for the planet. The Sri Yantra is best used for all general purposes.
Mathematical yantras are based on configurations of numbers, which have the potency to propitiate negative effects of planetary influence Mathematical Yantras are based on a particular sequence. The number for each planet appears in the left center box, starting with one for the Sun. Whichever way we add up the numbers, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - the result should be the same. Illustrated below is the Sun Yantra which shows the manifestation of solar energy. Five is the root number of manifestation - we have five elements, 5 sense organs, and 5 limbs. The total of all sides is 15. The total of all numbers is 45, which represents the full development of solar force.










Yantras are a meditation tool. It is important to meditate on the meaning of the numbers and designs. Some people like to do an eyes-open meditation focusing on a yantra and perhaps chanting a mantra associated with the deity associated with the yantra. Some people offer flowers to a yantra or put candlelight or incense by it as they meditate.

Yantras should be frequently energized with the appropriate Mantras. They must be cleaned and empowered periodically by the user. Yantras are less expensive than gemstones and are very effective when used with mantras.

"The Siddha masters are adepts in the use of yantras to attract things towards them. Yantras are magical diagrams with squares, triangles, circles etc in a certain permutation combination. Each deity has its own magical yantra. The yantra is the conduit through which you connect with the deity. These magical diagrams were cognized by the Siddhas in deep states of samadhi. In Hindu temples in India, they bury the corresponding yantra of the god/goddess underneath the deity in order to energize the statue of the deity.

The way to use the yantra is to place it on an altar. You can bathe it with milk, orange juice and honey on full moon days. Other days, you light a candle and incense and pray to it. You should offer a flower and a raisin or other fruits. Repeated prayers will make the yantra to come alive."