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Certain gemstones can be used to placate or modify the influence of a planet. The theory is simple: if a planet is weak and is also beneficial and auspicious in the chart, then such a planet should be strengthened by gems of that planet. This knowledge comes from ancient Indian, Greek, Egyptian, and Jewish cultures where men and women would use gemstones, metals, and plants to create positive effects on the mind and body.

Gems are transmitters of electromagnetic energy. They absorb and reflect different frequencies of light. In this way gemstones can enhance a particular energy that is needed or it can block harmful rays from affecting the user. When properly worn, gemstones can create a protective field around the body, regulating which cosmic energies are absorbed by the body. Gemstones must be of good quality, flawless, not less than two carats, and worn in contact with the skin, in order to bring about changes in the mind and body. Inappropriate use of gemstones may cause unwanted side effects.