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Ancestor Rituals

The Importance of Appeasing Ancestors in Vedic Astrology

I am writing this note to my readers who are interested in Vedic Astrology and I thought that I would raise some fundamental questions about the correctness of astrology itself using Bill Gates as an example. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 at 21:15 in the city of Seattle, Washington. The following is his Vedic birth chart with the placement of various planets in different houses.


The most fundamental question to ask is the following. There are people in Seattle, Washington born at the same time as Bill Gates. Why are they not as rich as Bill Gates or somewhere near to him? One might rightly assume that some of them born at the same time may very likely be poor as well. The natal charts of all those born at the same time will be identical. If at all there are some changes, it will be in the placement of the Moon which is the fastest moving planet. Even the Moon stays in one zodiac sign for about 2 1/4 days. This is an inconvenient question for astrologers. Assuming that some one carries out a research project to collect all the horoscopes of people born at Bill Gates' birth time in Seattle and present it to a bunch of astrologers, how would they give their readings? Is astrology then a false science? No, it is not.

Does this mean that one is destined to difficulties and failures due to the karma and DNA of ones ancestors? No. The Siddhas of India have known for several millennia how to cleanse ones DNA of the inherited karmic dispositions. This process is called offerings to the ancestors, or Tarpanam. Every Eastern culture, be it Chinese, Persian, Greek, Indian has this concept of honoring their ancestors. Unfortunately Western cultures being younger have lost this secret in their development. Tarpanam will not only permit you to change the karma inherited from your ancestors, but it will also help the souls of your departed relations evolve in their journey.